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Shanghai [CN] - 97th Anniversary

J. Lehmann - 21.11.11

On 15th November 2011 Shanghai trolleybuses reached their 97th anniversary. Unfortunately prospects for the future of the system look poor. Maintenance of the overhead has been neglected for decades and the operator is giving priority to investment in battery buses and super-capacitor buses. Trolleybuses are no longer being replaced and thus the fleet is shrinking from year to year. In July 2011 only 173 trolleybuses were available to operate the ten remaining services. This contrasts with 2007 when there were over 400 trolleybuses and with 1994 when there were 986 trolleybuses operating on twice as many routes. According to a spokesman for the operator, Shanghai Bashi Co, trolleybuses will continue operating till 2014, when the operation will have lasted 100 years. Allegedly the overhead costs too much in maintenance and causes “visual pollution”. Drivers with long service are critical of the decision complaining that the super-capacitor buses are too heavy and too unreliable for regular service.
Photo: Bogdan Smykov

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