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Lausanne [CH] - Lausanne: No Return into Service for the DUO Buses

J. Lehmann - 28.02.06

26 articulated DUO Buses were produced and put in service at Lausanne in 2002. In May 2005 two of them burned totally. The Transportation authority of Lausanne TL decided to take the entire series out of service. Now TL and NEOMAN agreed to replace these trolleybuses by 22 articulated buses, which are powered by natural gas. (Press release of TL, February 23th, 2006).

The producer of the trolleybuses (NEOMAN) prefers this replacement due to technical and economical reasons. The scheduled delivery of the new articulated natural gas buses (Type N 4522) will be completed until February 2007. As an interims solutions for the existing traffic on all 10 lines it is necessary to lease or to rent 13 articulated trolleybuses. So already 9 trolleybuses from Geneva and 3 from Montreux are running at Lausanne. In addition to this step it is planned to increase the capacity of the 72 two-axle trolleybuses by additional trailers; actually there are 44 trailers in service.

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