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trolley:motion - Swiss Parliament: Application for Trolleybus promotion

J. Lehmann - 28.02.06

On November 30th, 2005 the Swiss national councillor Ueli Leuenberger from Geneva (the Green Party) submitted an application in the Swiss federal parliament. He was supported by further 38 councillors (14 Greens and 14 SP councillors, 3 Christian democrats, 2 JF members, 2 EVP members, 2 PdA members and one councillor of the Alliance de Gauche).

The subscribed text (justification) is given here briefly:

Due to the increasing prices for diesel fuel and due to the fact that air pollution is not being reduced as ordered by law, the Green Party of Switzerland have written an application to promote Swiss Trolleybus systems.

Some Swiss traffic authorities are extending their Trolleybus line networks, but some other are not. The reason for the lack of further extension proposals and even for abandonment is the bureaucracy and the lack of financial support by the federal Swiss government. It is a paradox, Trolleybuses can be operated cheaply by domestic electricity, but diesel buses have to be filled with expensive (imported) diesel fuel. In addition to that diesel buses are generating more noise and they are polluting the air of many Swiss cities.

The motivation of car drivers to commute by Trolleybuses is more successful than by diesel buses. Even Trolleybuses can be an alternative solution to new tramway systems as the building. The establishing of a new Trolleybus line is twenty times cheaper than the construction of a new tramway line.

Not at least there already exists a major Swiss Trolleybus Industry (HESS) and a big Swiss company (Kummler & Matter) is producing equipment for the technical infrastructure of Trolleybus lines. In Western Europe several new Trolleybus lines are under construction, while in Eastern Europe Trolleybuses are still the most classic public transport systems.

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