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trolley:motion - News about trolleybuses in Europe - January 2006

J. Lehmann - 15.02.06

The reports from the trolleybus-undertakings in and arround Germany are avalable now:
Eberswalde: Bridge repairs continues to hinder regular trolleybus services. For three days during December 2005 the bridge was totally closed 2
Esslingen: Five Duo Buses still remained in service after the latest 2
Solingen: Trolleybus 42 is currently being used as a test vehicle for a Supercap (energie- storage system). Alternatives to the well known Trolleybus Turntable in Solingen-Burg are under 3
Arnheim: A new routeing through the city has been in operation since 14.11.05. The City Administration of Arnheim has taken over the entire infrastructure of the trolleybus system in preparation for a new advertising for tenders for the operating of the Trolleybus 6
Salzburg: On December 10th. the extension to Trolleybus Route 2 was solemnly opened. Trials with a new trolleybus trailer are expected for the near 6
Geneva: After the completion of delivery of all 38 articulated Trolleybuses in December 2005, the first double-articulated Trolleybus was 7
Winterthur + La Chaux de Fonds: New Solaris T12 and T18 have been delivered and are now in 7
Z├╝rich: : A new double-articulated trolleybus, borrowed from the Geneva production series, is undergoing a 6 weekly trial on route 31..... page 8
St. Gallen: The first reconstructed double-articulated trolleybus was delivered shortly before 8
Zlin: A further 6 Skoda 24 Tr, Two-axle Trolleybuses, were 11
Banska Bystrica: On December 31st. 2005 the Trolleybus Service was abandoned as a result of a change of operator. This change was the result of a cheaper offer for operating the public transport after Tenders had been 10
Gdynia: EEC funding has enabled this system to be 12

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