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Dobropillya [UA] - Only one trolleybus

J. Lehmann - 05.07.10

From TM 240/2006: The two routes, 1 (Prospekt Probedy-Shakhta RKKA) and 2 (RMZ - Shakhta Dobropolskaya), share a common section through the town and continue to require four vehides in total. The Prospekt Probedy terminus of route 1 is at the end of a small country lane and is known
by the locals as "the little loop". 45% of costs are covered by fares, the balance being covered by the coal mine, which necessitates almost 24 hour Operation. The fleet consists of six ZIU-682 (including 594/9/633/68/705) and YuMZ-T2 699. What are described as
"inventory numbers" have replaced fleet numbers; for example 699 was numbered 40 when new in 1997. Vehides are in good condition and the
management is very optimistic about the future as the coal mine has a good future.

But in 2010 only one trolleybus is in service: Nr. 705 on the remaining route 1. The timetable offers a frequency from 43-50 minutes.

photo: Mikołaj Bartłomiejczyk, March 2010

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