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Mendoza [AR] - New Trolleybuses on the way

J. Lehmann - 03.11.08

After considerable delays, the plans to purchase 80 second hand Flyer E901A/E902 trolleybuses from Vancouver have now been finalised.
After reviewing the shipping quotations received in early August, the provincial government of Mendoza approved the vehicle purchase on 22nd August.

Loading of the 80 Vancouver trolleybuses started on 30th. of October and continued for about four days. The ship named "Wisdom" left Vancouver bound for Argentine on 04.11.2008. They will replace the German built TS Trolleybuses which were purchased from Solingen in 1988. In all 78 TS vehicles were shipped to Mendoza from Solingen of which, approximately, 40 have been put into service. Mendoza also currently operates five Russian ZIU 682 Trolleybuses.

The Trolleybus system is made up of five routes.
The route to Dorrego, to the south of the city centre, follows two alternative routes. The most frequent of these runs via "Avenida Zapata" and is served in an 8 - 12 minute frequency. This frequency is maintained all day seven days a week. The second alternative runs via " Calle MorĂ³n" and has a 16 minute headway. This alternative routing serves a complex of government offices and the vehicles have an additional "via Gobierno" on the destination blinds. This service only runs until 13:34 from Monday to Friday.

Scheduled headways, in minutes, on the other routes are:
Parque, 6; Pellegrini, 7-9; Godoy Cruz - Las Heras, 5-6; UNCuyo, 18-20.

The Villa Nueva route continues to be bus-operated. It is now more than three years since its temporary suspension of Trolleybus service for overhead repairs. All its wiring not used by other routes has been removed but not replaced.

This news has been taken from the Trolleybus Magazine (No.282 and 281), with the kind permission of the editor.
"Trolleybus Magazine" is published every two months and reports worldwide about Trolleybuses.

Photo: George Prior, 31.10.2008

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