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Orel/Oryol [RU] - Expansion of the network construction

J. Lehmann - 27.10.08

After many years of neglect and poor maintenance the Trolleybus system in the western part of the city is now being extended. Starting at the stadium a circle route is being built that will be a one way system. The decision to extend the system was passed in 2006. The system currently has 12 routes in all and has remained so for some years.

The Trolleybus fleet consists of in excess of 100 vehicles the latest of which are seven articulated Trolleybuses purchased in 1993. These were of the type ZIU 6205. The remainder of the fleet are all ZIU 682 “Solo” Trolleybuses. Recently several have been refurbished with new bodywork.

This system went into operation during 1968 and complemented the four route tram system which had been in operation since 1898.

Orel or Oryol (Орёл) is is the administrative centre of the Oryol Oblast. It is located on the Oka River, approximately 360 km south-south-west of Moscow, at 52°58′ N 36°04′ E

The photo shows ZIU 682 Number 049 at the “Woksal Station” terminus on 10.06.2004. Behind the Trolleybus is one of the five KTG-1 type trolley goods vehicles owned by the operating company.
Photo: Dr. Eckart Sternol