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Kursk [RU] - Eight routes

J. Lehmann - 13.10.08

The System opened on 18th August 1972 with 25 ZIU-5 trolleybuses and over the following thirteen years 189 ZIU-682 vehides entered Service. There are now eight routes, Trolleybus route 8 provides a commercial service (i.e. all passengers must pay fares) over the section Trolleybusnoye Depo - L'gorsky Povorot. The vehides used on this service are Trans-AIfa VMZ-5298 trolleybuses numbered in the range 223 - 227, delivered 2001, together with some refurbished ZIU-682S from Ivanovo. Six new trolleybuses were delivered in the last years beginning with No.001.

This message is from the Trolleybus Magazine (No.259 and 252), with the kind permission of the editor, added with informations from and The Trolley Magazine is published every two months and reported worldwide about the trolleybuses.

Trolleybus 001, Znamensky Kathedrale, taken by Jared (

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