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Valparaiso [CL] - Fresh overhaul for oldest trolley!

K. Budach - 14.11.16

In August 2016, trolley 814 returned to service after an extensive, 10-month overhaul. Built in 1947, it is now the oldest operational trolleybus in the world and on top of that is nearly in original condition. Valparaiso's other vintage trolleybus 801 also dates from 1947, but over the course of its lifetime has received an altered, newer body shell. Until the 1970s, both 801 and 814 ran in the capital Santiago de Chile, before being relocated to the coastal city Valparaiso.

The oldest articulated trolleybus in the city is still the former Zürich unit 503, which dates from 1959 and therefore is also the oldest articulated trolleybus in working order, anywhere in the world.

In order to continue the subtle fleet renewal process, the acquisition of 6 more NAW two-axle trolleybuses from Luzern is foreseen, as soon as these became available with the introduction of more double-articulated units on the Luzern network.

The recently overhauled Pullman trolleybus 814. Photo: Álvaro Rojas