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Medias [RO] - More articulated trolleys arrive

J. Lehmann - 24.06.16

On 6 June 2016, 5 more articulated trolleybuses arrived from Austria and Germany; 2 from Salzburg (222, 227, Gräf&Stift/Kiepe, 1993) and 3 from Esslingen (212, 214, 218 VanHool/Kiepe, 2002). These vehicles will complement the existing fleet, which currently consists of 7 articulated trolleys.

They are:
MED-758: NAW/Hess, arrived in 2008, formerly Biel Nr.80
MED 773 - 776: NAW/Hess, arrived in 2012, formerly Neuchatel 103, 104, 110, 112
MED-794 NAW/Hess, arrived in 2014, acquired from a bus dealer, formerly Neuchatel 111
MED-787 Gräf&Stift, arrived in 2013, formerly Salzburg 207. After 18 months in storage, this trolleybus is to be reconditioned. Former Salzburg Nr. 205 is also mothballed in Medias, having received the local classification number 786. This trolley is unlikely to return to active service and mainly serves as a spare parts donor.

The following single units are also mothballed:
199 (DAC 212, maintenance vehicle) in defective condition
655 (type GS OE 112 M 11) formerly Salzburg 106
661 (Berliet ER100R) formerly Lyon 2834

The trolleybus 660 (Berliet ER100R, formerly Lyon 2829) was scrapped in early June 2016, while the former Salzburg trolley Nr. 105 (type GS OE 112 M11) was broken up a month before in May.

As part of the present operations pattern on the Medias trolleybus network, the articulated units are used on 3 different lines. While routes T1 and T3 only have an hourly interval, T2 is served every 15 minutes, using 4 vehicles on the circuit. During rush hour an additional bus is added as a booster service, allowing for a 10-minute headway then. Normally, 2 articulated trolleys and 2 articulated diesel buses are deployed on T2. Line T2K, which serves the Kaufland shopping center on a short branch line, still has not been integrated with the rest of the trolleybus network, even though the new catenary was already installed several years ago.

For the future, 2 more trolleybus lines are planned in Medias. Route T4 and T5 are expected to operate hourly, running from the new terminus at Clujului to Automecanica (just like T1 and T3), before branching off to Milcov, just like T2.

Top: MED-773, formerly Neuchatel 103, stands next to Esslingen Nr. 218, which has just arrived to Romania.
Bottom: The former Salzburg units 222 and 227 are seen on trials in mid June 2016. Photos: Mattis Schindler

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