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Banska Bystrica [SK] - The first step for a reintroduction of the trolleybus traffic

M. Schindler - 28.11.06

On the Slovak Internet page "imhd" the following was announced:

On 24.10.2006 a hire contract was signed between the urban close traffic society of Banská Bystrica and SAD Banská Bystrica (as an owner of the majority of the infrastructure and vehicles).

The subject matter of the contract are a total of 25 trolleybuses, necessary objects and large part of the overheads which stand now in the rent of the urban close traffic society. With it the first step was done to the renewal of the trolleybus company.
The urban close traffic society should still acquire the licence for the company of the trolleybus...

Remark: The last three procured trolleybuses (15Tr) and some segments from the overheads were financed by the city of Banská Bystrica and are with it their property.

Photo of the hopefully company day last but one for the time being on 30.12.2005 © imhd

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