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Quito [EC] - Call for tenders issued!

K. Budach - 01.12.14

At long last the previously postponed call for tenders for new trolleybuses has been issued. In total 90 modern, high-floor trolleys are sought for the municipal network. Entry into the vehicles will continue to be barrier-free from elevated platforms and by means of little, retractable loading ramps, just as they are also fitted on the existing fleet of Mercedes-Benz/Hispano/Adtranz buses.

Many of the original 54 trolleys, which were delivered in 1995, have been out of service for quite some time, rendered in-operable by wear and tear as well as a lack of spare parts. Most of the required electric components are actually no longer produced, preventing any kind of cost-effective overhaul and making entirely new vehicles necessary. From the second series of 59 buses, which were delivered in 1999, most vehicles are expected to become life-expired during the next 3 – 4 years.

The new articulated trolleys will initially replace the older buses dating from 1995. At the same time, the service will be expanded, as already now the electric network has reached its capacity limits and during rush hour diesel buses are dispatched on express routes. The technical specification for the new trolleys requires them to be adequately powered with at least 350 kW of performance and two driven axles. The buses must be capable of accelerating on 18% gradients with a full payload, which is a completely realistic scenario for the demanding terrain in the Ecuadorian capital city, located some 2850 m above sea level.

(Translation: Andrew Thompson)

Step-free access from elevated platforms will also be a required feature of the 90 new trolleybuses in Quito. Photo: Horst Schaffer

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