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Nanchang [CN] - Reduction of the trolleybus-service

J. Lehmann - 20.11.06

Despite the rising environmental pollution in China further cities are closing down their Trolleybus operations. The latest example of this is the city of Nanchang. Situated almost halfway between Peking (Beijing) and Kowloon, it is the capital of the much impoverished Jiang'xi Province in south central China. Although there are only two Trolleybus routes here, they are the most frequently used bus routes in the city. As of November the 12th. 2006 operation on Route 1 ceased. The Trolleybuses being replaced by a large number of jitneys. (Jitneys are the small half taxi half bus type vehicles normally associated with such places as Manila) Operation of route 1 started on 01.07.1971. Route 2 is a circular route and operations here have been drastically reduced. Only the counter clockwise direction is being served by Trolleybuses and according to the local public transport authority this is also soon to cease.