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Castellón [ES] - Six Metro-Style Trolleybuses Ordered

K. Budach - 24.02.14

The new concession company, "Vía Reservada, S.A.", has ordered six standard 12m trolleybuses, which should be delivered by the end of 2014. The order is for Solaris trolleybuses with "Metro-style" similar to Salzburg and with Skoda traction equipment. They will be equipped with substantial auxiliary battery power.

The order is somewhat surprising, as financing for the extension of the existing 2km of route to 8 km has not yet been finalised. For example the electrification of the section from the southern edge of the city centre to the port suburb of Grao is still incomplete. There is also a legal dispute about the continued use of a 300m section of route through the Parque Ribalta, even though this section has been in use for the last three years.
Summary translation: Martin Wright

Photo: Mattis Schindler (MetroStyle in Salzburg)

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