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Zurich [CH] - First SwissTrolley4 Delivered

J. Lehmann - 08.04.13

In early March 2013, Hess delivered the first SwissTrolley4, which were able to enter service by mid-March. To date, seven vehicles have been delivered, and two more follow this week. As with SwissTrolley 161 from the first series, nos. 162-166 were equipped for driving school duties. The ride should be considerably enhanced by the independent suspension of the front axle and the front axle is located by a few inches forward. As with the the double articulated trolleybuses delivered in 2012, emergency operation is by means of a traction battery. Delivery of the total of 21 units is to be completed by mid-2013.

The withdrawal of the DB O 405 GTZ trolleybuses continues. The latest is no. 136. Twenty three of the nearly 20-year-old trolleybuses remain (102, 106, 110-111, 113, 115, 118, 119, 122-125, 127-133, 137, 140, 142-143). Although the delivery of the new vehicles will only be completed in the summer, the Tram Museum Zurich has organised a farewell trip on 21.04.2013 with an extensive city tour on different routes, in the course of which non-revenue wiring will be used. Two MB O405 GTZ will be used and pre-booking is not required. The ticket price of 20 CHF will contribute to the maintainance of vintage vehicles in the tram museum. The journey begins on Sunday, 21.04.2013 at 10:00 clock at the main station.

A new trolleybus route, 71, is intended to strengthen the frequency on the Hardbrücke between Albisriederplatz and Rosengarten. Trolleybus route 33, so far at 14.5 km single length, the longest trolleybus route in the city will then exchange termini with route 72. From December 2013 route 33 (Tiefenbrunnen - Hardbrücke - Triemli) and route 72 (Bucheggplatz–Hardbrücke–Morgental) will then run a full day service at 7 ½-minute intervals. The new route 71 will then augment the peak hour service over the Hardbrücke on the two routes 33 and 72 from Sihlfeld Cemetery (turning loop at Albisriederplatz using one-way routing of the 33) up to Rosengartenstrasse. In the morning peak it will operate at 7 ½-minute intervals, and due to the longer travel time, in the evening peak at 8-minute intervals using three runs. In the morning, 10 minutes is timetabled for the outward journey to Rosengartenstrasse and 8 minutes for the return trip. In the evening 11 and 9 minutes respectively are allowed as is shown in the draft timetable, which can be seen on the homepage of the ZVV regional transport authority.
Translation: Martin Wright

. Photos:
Top: New trolleybus 163 in use on route 33 on 07.04.2013. behind it is Swisstrolley 150 now six years old.
Photographer : Carsten Blechschmidt
Below: In February 2013, the Daimler Benz O405GTZ No. 136 was was stored as defective. Parts have been removed and the vehicle body scrapped.
Photographer: J. Lehmann (25/02/2013)

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