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Zurich [CH] - Delivery of Double Articulated Trolleybuses Completed

J. Lehmann - 03.12.12

On 28.11.2012 the last double articulated LighTram trolleybus was delivered. As with the others, it was given the fleet number 89 at the Hess works. Thus, with the addition of all 12 units from the latest order to the 17 units delivered in 2008 the fleet now has 29 of the almost 25-meter long trolley buses. They will operate on routes 31 and 32. Under the new timetable route 32 is now operating on a six minute frequency and four runs can be saved in the morning and evening peaks.
Some of the 43 eighteen year old Mercedes-Benz O405GTZ trolleybuses have made room for the new double articulated trolleybuses. Among others, trolleybuses 101, 103, 107, 117, 134 and 139 were withdrawn and scrapped immediately. From mid-August 2012 the twelve double articulated trolley buses had been parked overnight in the yard of the central workshop, and had travelled from there in the morning for service on 31 and 32 using their auxiliary engines. From the timetable change all runs again start from Hardstra├če Depot.
The first of the 21 articulated trolleybuses on order is expected before Christmas. It will receive the fleet number 162 following on from the 18 units 144-161 delivered in 2006/7.

Translation: Martin Wright

Trolleybus 102, still equipped with roll blinds, is still in service. Many of its sisters have already fallen victim to the blowtorch. Only units 101-107 are fitted with roll blinds, the other buses were equipped with a matrix display from withdrawn buses.
Photographer: J. Lehmann, 01/10/2012

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