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Kursk [RU] - New Trolleybus 040 Presented on the 40th Anniversary

J. Lehmann - 17.09.12

Delivery continues of BKM 321 trolleybuses which are completed in the operator’s own works. Trolleybuses 029 to 031 had entered service by the end of 2011 so that by then fleet had eleven “home–produced” trolleybuses. Five more vehicles (nos. 033 -037) followed up to the entry into service of number 037 on 21st June 2012. One vehicle was delivered complete from Belarus on 14th April and entered service on 5th May 2012 as number 032.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the trolleybus system, trolleybus 040 was handed over in a ceremony on 24th August 2012. Trolleybuses 038, 039, 041 and 042 are expected to follow by the end of the year, so that ten trolleybuses will have been made in the system’s own works in 2012. Although the operation has the necessary certification, sales of such vehicles to other systems in the area has not yet been possible.

There was a spectacular accident on 14th September 2012. Trolleybus 218, a ZiU 682 built in 1998, had to avoid an oncoming lorry and rolled down an incline. There was considerable material damage but only a few passengers and the driver were slightly injured by glass splinters, while one passenger suffered shock.

The city of Kursk was first settled in 980 with the founding of a fortress. It lies about 500km south of Moscow near the border with the Ukraine. The city has had a tram system since 30.4.1898. Six routes are served by a fleet of about 80 trams. The trolleybus system, which was opened 40 years ago on 18 August 1972, consists of nine routes - essentially of a north-south stretch with branches off. None of the nine routes covers the entire north-south stretch. The fleet consists of about 90 trolleybuses of which 27 are completely low-floor.

Translation: Martin Wright

On 24.08.2012 the new BKM 321 No 040 is standing in the Depot decorated with balloons and decals, celebrating both the 40th anniversary of the system and the founding of Kursk in 980.
Photographer: Alexsey Kirillov

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