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Wellington [NZ] - Five High Frequency Trolleybus Routes Planned

K. Budach - 10.09.12

After several months of internet discussion (see link more information) as well as at the political level, the planned drastic alterations to the trolleybus network have now been altered to favour the trolleybuses.

The plan to run route 11 to Seatoun via "The Terrace" would be given up although this routing can still be used by trolleybuses as a deviation. A branch of route 3 to Evans Bay would be given up, though again trolleybuses can still use the wiring. The north westerly section of the former route 3 will be taken over by route 1. The routes to Kingston and Karori (7), Lyall Bay und Island Bay (1 und 3), Miramar (2), Seatoun (11) will be run as high frequency routes. The present 10,12 and 15 minute frequencies on these routes will be retained and partially improved.

Under current plans, trolleybus routes 5, 9 and 10 will be closed and replaced either by existing bus routes or by extensions. However these are routes that only operate in peak periods or at most on Monday to Friday only. For example route 5 augments trolleybus route 2 on a 20 minute frequency and then deviates onto a branch. Route 9 operates every 30 minutes and branches off route 7. Only a small part of route 10, which runs every 20 minutes, branches off from route 11. Up to six trolleybuses currently serve these routes and they will now be redeployed to reduce the number of diesel bus peak hour “trippers” on the remaining five trolleybus routes.

Translation: Martin Wright

Route 2 to Miramar remains unchanged under the current plans. Trolleybus 356 is shown in the centre serving this route. Photographer: Robert Schwandl (