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Luzern [CH] - Ministerial Approval for the Extension of Trolleybus Route 6

J. Lehmann - 30.07.12

At the end of May the Ministry of Transport (“BAV”) rejected the last objections to the planned trolleybus extension to Büttenen. Various people from the Büttenen area had raised objections to the plans with the ministry. These were mostly concerned with the impact on plots of land affected by the necessary building work. But there were also some general reservations about the project. The VBL, the city council and the regional transport authority sought a solution to the objections and so-called conciliation talks were held between December 2011 and February 2012 under the auspices of the BAV. It was possible to reach agreement with several parties and these withdrew five objections. After the BAV’s decision there was a 30-day appeal period, during which objections could be sent to the Federal administrative court. This appeal period expired in mid-July without further action, so the planning decision is now legally final.
The original plan for the opening of the trolleybus extension by December 2012 is no longer feasible. In the next few weeks, the plans will be completed and then a project plan and timetable will be produced and tenders will be issued for the construction works. The first stages of construction will begin in autumn 2012 and completion is expected in December 2013. At that stage routes 6 and 8 will diverge at the stop at Brüelstrasse. Route 8 will continue to run to Würzenbach while route 6 will run to Büttenen. Each suburb will then be served every 10 minutes in the peak and every 15 minutes off-peak. Connector bus route 25 to Büttenen will then provide a 30 minute frequency from Brüelstrasse directly to the village of Meggen (Piuskirche) without going through Büttenenhalde.

Translation: Martin Wright

Standard trolleybus 265 with trailer 316 turns from Würzenbach into Kreuzbuchstraße. The settlement in Büttenen, visible on the hillside in the background, will be connected to trolleybus route 6 from late 2013. Photographer: J. Lehmann, 24.03.2011