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Salzburg [AT] - Sonderlinien zu Allerheiligen

. - 08.12.05

On All Saint`s day 1.11.2005 there were two trolleybus special lines in service to bring people to Kommunalfriedhof and back:

line 5/1 Messezentrum - Hauptbahnhof - Zentrum - Kommunalfriedhof - Birkensiedlung with 5 trolleybuses
line 5/4 Chr.Doppler Klinik - Zentrum - Kommunalfriedhof with 3 trolleybuses
line 5 the whole day working to Itzling Planzmann - as on weekdays with one additional trolleybus
3 "Specials" which worked at the end of the religious celebration as needed
This year no motorbuses were in extra service. The photo shows 9678 as 5/1 at Kommunalfriedhof.

With 1.November 2005 Salzburg AG sold all motorbus - activities (buses, lines and the staff) to ALBUS - Salzburg. The Salzburg AG holds 49% of this traditional motorbus company - which was founded in 1928 by Salzburger Lokalbahn. With 1.11.2005 SLB/StadtBus only has rail- and trolleybus activities.

Since the last week the wire on the new line for 2 to Obergnigl is up. At Minnesheimstraße there is again after 20 years an electric swich for runnings to Obergnigl.

Gunter Mackinger