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Salzburg [AT] - Austrian Army helps Salzburg trolleybuses

. - 09.01.06

Starting on December 31 it snowed heavy wet snow up to 200kg per m2 until 5. January 2006 in Salzburg. The Austrian Army helped to keep the Salzburg trolleybus - sytem going and preventing the trolleybus- depot from crashing down because of the heavy snow. Other public buildings in the Salzburg area crashed down - causing many deads an ingured people !

Because of the help the trolleybus system could be kept working on all its lines - only with short interruptions on some places in the town were buildings or trees caused problems.

1: trolleybus 9561 in the depot - showing the soldiers throwing the snow down from depot B 3.1.2006
2: Austian Army in the trolleybus - depot to help keeping the system running 3.1.2006
3: trolleybus 9570 on line 1 fights through heavy and wet snow at Glansteg 2.1.2006
4: tower wagon was used for bringing the soldiers to the depot roofs 3.1.2006
All photos: Gunter Mackinger