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Trolleybus city: St. Gallen [Schweiz]

General Information

Megatrolley 155 - 2005 from Fa. Hess prolonged with a low floor part on trial at Stephanshornl photo
City: St. Gallen (70.221 citizens)
Country: Schweiz
Opened: 18.07.1950
Lines: 4
Vehicles: 25 Trolleybuses
Operator: VBSG Verkehrsbetriebe St.Gallen
Remarks: State: 31.01.2016
Link to route-sheme:

Present State

With the extension of route 1 to Wolganghof, which took place on 28.09.1996 and replaced a diesel bus route, this route now has 4 Termini, two at each end . These 4 Termini are individually served every 12 minutes. Since 2008 the route from Wolfganghof to Guggeien received Nr. 4. The common section has, on Mondays to Fridays, a six minute service for which 12 vehicles are required. The other two Trolleybus routes require 4 vehicles each to maintain a 10 minute headway on route 5 and a 7½ minute headway on route 3. All in all, therefore, 20 out of the total of 25 available vehicles are on duty each day.

News for St. Gallen

Date Headline
31.08.2015 Changes of routening due to workings at the station-place
15.06.2015 Decision pro wiring
17.11.2014 Battery trial phase extended
18.03.2013 Route Extension Planned for 2017
31.12.2009 All "LighTram" delivered before Christmas
23.03.2009 17 new SwissTrolleys
05.01.2009 The ninth "Swiss Trolley" enters service
25.11.2008 The first new Trolleybuses enters service
20.10.2008 The beginning of the renewal of the fleet
29.01.2008 New trolleybuses, new trolleybus-route
09.01.2007 Double articulated Trolleybuses back in service.
20.12.2005 Delivery of Mega-Trolleybuses


line route length frequency1
1 Winkeln - Erlachstrasse - Bahnhof - Neudorf - Stephanshorn km 12/12
3 Bahnhof - Heiligkreuz km 7½/7½
4 Wolfganghof - Erlachstrasse - Bahnhof - Neudorf - Guggeien km 12/12
5 Riethüsli - Bahnhof - Rotmonten km 10/10

1 frequency: minutes peak / off peak

Lines: 4


numbers quant. vehicle delivery
155 1 NAW/Hess/ABB Umbau DGT (2006) 1991
171-187 17 Hess/Vossloh-Kiepe 2008/09
188-194 7 Hess/Vossloh-Kiepe LighTram 2009

Vehicles: 25 trolleybuses

trolleybus 106 on line 5 meets brand new light rail car 31 on its way to Trogen, photo: Gunter Macki


In 1948 the decision was made to replace two existing tram routes with Trolleybuses. The decision was arrived at because rising passenger numbers required higher capacity and these two tram routes could not operate with trailers due to the narrowness of the roads where they operated. On the 18th. of July 1950 the first Trolleybus route to Riethüsli went into service and a few months later, on the 5th. of November 1950, the second Trolleybus route, this time to Heiligkreuz, also entered service. The respective tram routes operated up till the previous day. The last remaining tram route, route 1, was to follow the other two into eternal oblivion just seven years later when it too, was replaced by Trolleybuses commencing operations on the 1st. of October 1957. The 18 Trolleybuses which made up the original fleet were supplemented by a further 12 Trolleybus at this point in time. A further addition came in the form of 25 trailers which were also used in conjunction with the diesel buses.

A renewal of the fleet took place in 1968-1973. The Chassis of the old vehicles were given new modern bodies and the pneumatic electric units were replaced by the more modern chopper control units. A further 12 trailers were also purchased. At the same time route 1 was extended to Stephanshorn and during 1970 route 5 was extended as far as Rotmonden.

During October 1984 eleven new articulated Trolleybuses were purchased. It was intended that they replace the 1957 vehicles but instead the 1968-1971 were taken off the road. October 1991 saw a further 18 new articulated being delivered and these replaced the last remaining solo Trolleybuses and trailers. Route 1 was also extended around this time. The first extension was to Winkeln on the 1st. April 1989 followed by the extension to Guggeien in 1991 and finally Wolfganghof during 1996.

The latest Trolleybus route extension was to a new estate in Winkeln. The turning point at Winkeln "Hauptbahnhof" was dismantled. The vehicle fleet now consists of 27 articulated Trolleybuses. (During June 2001 the two Trolleybuses 101 and 109 were scrapped and at the end of December 2005 the articulated trolleybus nr. 155 was rebuilt as a 24 metre double articulated Trolleybus).

Two solo Trolleybuses with their respective trailers, at the front nr. 124 (1957) with trailer 329 and behind this nr. 143 (1973) seen on 30.06.1989 just short of the terminus Stephanshorn during rush hour - Jürgen Lehmann.