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Trolleybus city: Lausanne [Schweiz]

General Information

Nearly all trolleybusroutes meet In front of the church St. Francois, here three trailer courses on
City: Lausanne (115.985 citizens)
Country: Schweiz
Opened: 02.10.1932
Lines: 11
Vehicles: 90 Trolleybuses
Operator: Transports publics de la région lausannoise SA
Remarks: In addition to 62 swiss trolleys 27 2x-trolleybuses are available for the eleven routes, they are operating with low-floor trailers.
State: 31.01.2016
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News for Lausanne

Date Headline
22.10.2018 Tender for wiring for the prolongment of route 9
28.08.2017 Presenting Luzern 409 for the project 'Axes forts'
07.03.2016 Higher frequency on route 25
14.12.2015 Enlargement of the trolleybusnet announced
13.07.2015 Small workings on wiring planed
23.02.2015 Trolleybuses with trailers will stay
01.09.2014 First trial runs on extended line
16.06.2014 Catenary construction for line 25 extension
23.12.2013 Trolleybus Fleet Exceeds 100 Units
02.09.2013 Delivery of 22 SwissTrolleys
29.04.2013 Construction of 'Axes forts'
07.01.2013 Delivery of the First SwissTrolley4
10.09.2012 First 5 of 27 SwissTrolley Under Construction
27.09.2010 Appreciation of the strongest Trolleybus-routes
17.05.2010 Swisstrolley Nr. 30 delivered
25.01.2010 Delivery of 35 SwissTrolleys had started
19.11.2009 New trolleybus-route 21
01.06.2009 First Swiss-Trolley received
26.01.2009 New network plan "Réseau 08" introduced
06.10.2008 Introduction of "Reseau 2008" postponed
02.06.2008 35 trolleybuses from Carrosserie Hess in 2009/2010
03.02.2008 Tender for 55 new trolleybuses
28.02.2006 Lausanne: No Return into Service for the DUO Buses


line route length frequency1
1 Maladière - St-Francois - Blécherette km 6½/7½
2 Maladière - Ouchy - St-Francois - Désert km 7½/10
3 Lausanne Gare CFF - Bellevaux km 10/10
4 Pully-CFF - C.-F. Ramuz - St-Francois - Chauderon - Coudraie km 7½/10
6 Maladière - Chauderon - St-François - Sallaz km 10/10
7 Val-Vert - St-Francois - Renens-14 Avril km 5½/7½
8 Verrière - St-Francois - Bellevaux - Grand-Mont km 10/10
9 Lutry-Corniche - Pully - St-Francois - Prilly-Eglise km 6½/7½
17 Georgette - St-François - Renens-14 Avril (- Croix-Péage /Autobus) km 7½/10
21 Lausanne Gare CFF - Blécherette km 10/10
25 Renens,Glycines - Maladière - Montchoisi - Pully-Gare km 11/16

1 frequency: minutes peak / off peak

Lines: 11


numbers quant. vehicle delivery
751-753 3 FBW/Hess/SAAS (Fahrschulwagen, driver-training) 1986
754, 760 2 NAW/Hess/SAAS 1986
766, 768, 769, 771, 772, 774-782, 784-792 23 NAW/Hess/SAAS 1989/90
831-865 35 Hess/Vossloh-Kiepe 2009/10
866-892 27 Hess/Vossloh-Kiepe 2012/13

Vehicles: 90 trolleybuses

Trolleybus 783 with low floor trailer in the city of Lausanne. Foto: J. Lehmann, 27.08.2011


The first Trolleybuses went into service on 02.10.1932 on the 1.5 kilometre route from Gare CFF (central station) to Ouchy. Due to the success of this route the city council decided to replace 16 kilometres of tramway with Trolleybuses.

During 1938/39 the system was extended by the addition of the route St. Francois - Ouchy (today part of route 2) on 20.06.1938, route 8 to Port Pully on 20.09.1938, an extension to C.F. Ramuz on 17.10.1938 (today part of route 4), route 1 to Pontaise and route 2 from Maladière to Bergiere on 13.04.1939 and finally route 6 to Sallaz on 15.05.1939.

During this period a further 35 Trolleybuses were put into service. These 9.35 metre vehicles which had a capacity of 22 seated and 31 standing passengers remained in service until 1976.

Two of the original first three 1932 Trolleybuses were converted to service vehicles in 1964 one of which has survived to today as a museum vehicle and is subsequently one of the oldest fully operational trolleybus in the wourld.

On 09.04.1951 the interurban tram route to Montheron was converted to Trolleybus operation. Not until 17.01.1961 were there any further extensions to the system. It was on this date that tram route 9 was converted to Trolleybus followed by route 7 on 07.01.1964 finalising the complete cessation of tram operation in favour of Trolleybuses. The fleet amounted to 106 12 metre Trolleybuses and 28 trailers were available for the 10 routes. The interurban route 21 to Charlet a Gobet was also converted to Trolleybus operation on 01.06.1969. The route proved to be less popular due to the fact that many passengers were forced to change buses in order to complete their journey. On 03.06.1973 the situation was somewhat improved when route 5 was extended to Epalinges thereby utilising a considerable section of the infrastructure of route 21. Route 9 also enjoyed an extension as far as Lutry on 01.06.1975. Due to an agreement on fare prices and interchangeable ticketing reached between the Trolleybus operators and the electric rack railway operator the parallel Trolleybus route was curtailed. This route is served today by part of route 1. Route 2 was also extended on 02.06.1991 as far as Bourdonnette and one day later Trolleybus route 15 (ex diesel bus route) to Codraie was opened. The Terminus of route 15 is but a few metres from the new extension to route 2.

The fleet was increased during 1975 by delivery of 18 solo Trolleybuses which were part of a joint order from several Swiss operating companies. A further 54 second hand solo Trolleybuses from Geneva and Zurich were also delivered to Lausanne. These vehicles had been replaced by articulated vehicles in their towns of origin. By the end of 1978 a total of 112 Trolleybuses were in service. Between 1982 and 1989 seventy two new solo Trolleybuses were purchased. During 1999 twenty eight articulated neoplan Trolleybuses fitted with hub motors were delivered and replaced 29 of the older 1964/1969 12 metre vehicles.

The spring of 1998 brought with it the decision to completely suspend operations on route 60 (previously route 20) which had been out of operation since 1963 due to road works. The planned reopening of the route on 02.06.1996 was suspended because of protests from the local inhabitants against extensions to the overhead wiring.

In all 72 solo Trolleybuses, with 64 trailers, together with 13 articulated Trolleybuses, on loan, comprise the current fleet in 2006. These vehicles, supported by diesel buses serve the 10 Trolleybus routes. The 28 Neoplan articulated duo buses, which were purchased during 2001, were withdrawn from service in mid 2005 and returned to the manufacturer. Gas powered vehicles were delivered as replacements. Of the 54 trailers 31 are of the low floor variety. Since 2009 the 12m-trolleybuses and the high-floor-Trailers were replaced by 62 SwissTrolleys

On 23.09.1987 many maintained old trolleybuses are still operating in Lausanne, car 649 - build in 1