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Trolleybus city: Fribourg [Schweiz]

General Information

Swiss Trolleys 515 and 516 to 15.09.2006, photo: J. Lehmann
City: Fribourg (36.405 citizens)
Country: Schweiz
Opened: 01.02.1949
Lines: 3
Vehicles: 21 Trolleybuses
Operator: TPF (Transports publics fribourgeois)
Remarks: State: 31.01.2016
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Present State

The current fleet of 21 trolleybuses serve 3 routes. Route 1 is served with a 10-minute headway (since 2014: in peaks every 7½-Minuten). Because it is not fully electrified thus necessitating the use of dual mode vehicles. Route 2 also has a 7½ minute, route 3 a 15 minute headway.

News for Fribourg

Date Headline
09.02.2015 Route 1 now in a better frequency
20.05.2013 Route 2 goes only to Les Dailles
06.08.2012 100 Years of Trolleybuses in Switzerland
03.01.2011 Trolleybus-route to Mont Carmel opened!
08.11.2010 New SwissTrolleys in service
13.09.2010 Starting of delivery
11.01.2010 More electric operation coming soon
01.12.2008 New Duo-buses soon to be purchased
18.09.2006 Because of building works trolleybuses used more auxiliary diesel engines in the city


line route length frequency1
1 Marly - Pérolles - St-Léonard - Portes-de-Fribourg km 7½/10
2 Les Dailles / Les Biches - Moncor - Schoenberg km 7½/7½
3 Jura, Mont-Carmel - Python - Gare - Pérolles km 15/15

1 frequency: minutes peak / off peak

Lines: 3


numbers quant. vehicle delivery
513-521 9 MAN/Hess/Kiepe 2004
522-533 12 Hess/Vossloh-Kiepe 2010

Vehicles: 21 trolleybuses

Saurer/Hess Tb 40, in the service from 1966 to 2002 at Place Georges Python on 25.09.87, photo: J. L


The first 2.29 kilometre Trolleybus route, serving Chasotte, was opened on the 31st. of January 1949. It was closely followed on the 15th. of May 1949 by the second route connecting Tilleul and Vignettaz. Eight French Trolleybuses were obtained for operating these two routes. Ten years later, on the 1st. of October 1959, the tram route to Schönberg was converted to Trolleybus operation. It was not until 01.04.1965 that the last tram was to travel in Fribourg and be finally replaced by Trolleybuses. Altogether it was necessary to purchase a further 14 Trolleybuses. On the 1st. of April 1972 the route 6/7 (Vignettaz to Schönberg) were converted to diesel bus operation due to an extension of the route. Not until the introduction of duo buses on the 1st. of August 1988 was the overhead infrastructure to be used again. The delivery of the 12 articulated duo buses was not completed until the end of 1989 after which it was able to serve the whole route in electric mode.
From June 2005 onwards an extension of the overhead went into service enabling the main corridor of route 2 also to be driven completely in electric mode. The last of the 1965 Trolleybuses were temporarily succeeded by second hand two axle trolleybuses from Lausanne which, in turn, were replaced in 2004 when route 3 and a part of route 1 were joined and articulated Trolleybuses were put into service on this route.

Volvo/Hess Tb 42, in service from 1981 until 2003