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Trolleybus city: Kurobe-Dam [Japan]

General Information

City: Kurobe-Dam ( citizens)
Country: Japan
Opened: 01.08.1964
Shut down: 30.10.2018
Network: 6,1 km
Length: 6,1 km
Lines: 1
Vehicles: 16 Trolleybuses
Operator: Kansai Electric Power Company
Remarks: Tourist line only. Operated from April through November

Present State

The line is operated for tourists, visiting the Kurobe-Dam hydro power station in the Japanese Alps. Operation daily from 7 am to 5 pm, every hour; in busy situations some trolleybuses are going in a convoy. The ride on this single-lane track takes 16 minutes. In the middle of the 5,8 km tunnel (through the Mt. Akazawa, 2.678m) there is an opportunity to make way for trolleybuses from the other direction. All vehicles are equipped with an auxiliary motors for driving to and from the depot (which is not joined to the overhead wire system).

Fotograph by Tomas Cermak: Five trolleybuses are arriving at the tunnel terminal (


line route length frequency1
- Ogisawa - Kurobe Dam 6,1 km 1964

1 frequency: minutes peak / off peak

Lines: 1


numbers quant. vehicle delivery
301-316 16 Mitsubishi Fuso/Osaka Sharyo 1993-96

Vehicles: 16 trolleybuses


On August 1st, 1964 the Trolleybus operation was started with 6 vehicles. The fleet was enlarged until 1973 to 15 vehicles (101-110, 201-205). Up to 1976 the single-door vehicles were built into two-door vehicles. 1965 there were 564.000 passengers, 1984 there were already 1.066.000 passengers. From 1993 on all older vehicles were sold to Mexico. In Mexico they never were in service due to the facts that the doors are on the left hand side (reconstruction was too expensive).

Source: Trolleybus Magazine No. 165, 1989 and other volumes and Web Sites