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Trolleybus city: Sao Paulo (SPT) [Brasilien]

General Information

City: Sao Paulo (SPT) (10.838.581 citizens)
Country: Brasilien
Opened: 22.04.1949
Lines: 12
Vehicles: 191 Trolleybuses
Operator: SPT

News for Sao Paulo (SPT)

Date Headline
21.08.2017 New concession tendered
18.07.2016 All 6-wheelers retrofitted and repainted
10.11.2014 Technical upgrades for trolleybuses
25.09.2014 Modifications to enable left-sided entry
16.06.2014 Comprehensive catenary renewal continues
09.12.2013 Delivery of Trolleybuses on MAN Chassis
02.09.2013 Renewal of Fleet Nearly Complete
15.07.2013 Rapid Pace of Fleet Renewal
15.04.2013 Option Exercised and Order Increased
04.02.2013 Renewal of Overhead Wiring Begun
22.10.2012 100 Three-Axle Trolleybuses Ordered!
04.06.2012 Renewal of the trolleybuspark continues
04.05.2009 60 years of Trolleybus operation celebrations
23.02.2009 Preparations for the 60th. Trolleybus birthday underway
29.09.2008 New low-floor trolleybuses expected
12.02.2008 Plans to renew the fleet