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10.02.2015 15:58

Free e-bus workshop with trolley:motion at Metropolitan Solutions

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From 20 – 22 May, the international conference Metropolitan Solutions will take place in Berlin. Based on the general theme of smart cities, this year’s focus is dedicated to “technology and services for cities”. The conference will bring together political decision-makers, urban planners, architects and representatives of public service companies. As such, the gathering will be the ideal platform to analyze contemporary urban growth patterns and evaluate modern trends in infrastructure development.
An integral part of the conference will be the so-called Metropolitan Academy, where trolley:motion will host a free workshop with 3 main components. The workshop will actually be based on the findings of the 4th International E-Bus Conference from November 2014 and will therefore provide all participants with the latest insights on the following key topics:

  • Fuel cell technology: Improvements in operational reliability, availability and range are still countered by very high running expenses and the logistical challenges posed by creating proper maintenance and re-fuelling facilities. Another problem is the actual production process of hydrogen, which remains energy intensive and is not yet economically or ecologically sustainable.
  • Plug-in hybrid-buses: Even if fuel savings of up to 20% are taken into account for the entire life-cycle of the vehicle, hybrid buses are not economically competitive with ordinary diesel buses, unless their significantly higher acquisition costs are off-set by public subsidies.
  • Trolleybuses and related technologies: Electric power lines remain highly efficient, easy to install and ensure a clean and quiet service for buses that are powered by the catenary. Trolleybus systems, however, continue to be faced with a certain public or political prejudice. An effective solution to overcome the higher initial infrastructure costs can be a mixed service using trolleybuses that are also fitted with powerful battery packs, allowing them significant operational range off the wires.

A visit to Metropolitan Solutions and participation in the free trolley:motion workshop can be especially advantageous for any cities or communes that did not have the opportunity to attend the e-bus conference in Hamburg. All of the three modern bus systems described above will be presented by subject specialists and industrial developers of these technologies. They will also be happy to answer all of your questions.
No less than 100 different cities and municipal companies will present themselves at this year’s Metropolitan Solutions. Delegations from 300 cities worldwide and more than 6000 visitors will learn about the future of urban growth. The conference is supported by 40 different partners, including the global network ICLEI and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.