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15.11.2013 14:54

Sixth & last TROLLEY project newsletter

Dear Trolleybus Community, 

This is our sixth (and last) TROLLEY project newsletter, as the project ended officially at the end of March 2013. In the meantime we have documented our 38-month project and can say proudly that TROLLEY will leave a respectable legacy. Since the project started (back in February 2010) we have put the trolleybus back on the political agenda in Brussels, raised the profile of the trolleybus as a future-oriented and sustainable public transport mode and developed useful tools, guides and reference documents based on the innovative local activities in our TROLLEY partner cities. 
TROLLEY was and still is part of a trolleybus renaissance movement worldwide. TROLLEY made decision makers, politicians, planners and technicians around Europe aware of the benefits of trolleybus systems and our promotion work over the last three years has encouraged many European cities to think seriously about introducing a trolleybus system as the backbone of their public transport. The TROLLEY Roadmap process at the end of the project was a very supportive measure to communicate the future prospects of trolleybus systems, in particular for the electrification of public transport across Europe. download TROLLEY Newsletter