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11.06.2015 09:46

trolley:motion is partner of the new European project “ELIPTIC"

- “Electrification of public transport in cities”, funded though the Horizon 2020 programme. The project starts on June 1st 2015 with the Kick-off Meeting in Brussels and researches the potential of further electrification of public transport in combination with existing transportation infrastructure and networks as well as based on new business models. The introduction of electric buses is a core aspect of ELIPTIC to further improve the environmental profile of public transport. In addition to electric buses, the project looks as well into improving energy performance in light rail and the multi-purpose use of infrastructure to support further electrification in transport. ELIPTIC demonstrates different technical approaches in 22 showcases – variations of electrified public transport under different operational, geographical and climatic conditions. There is a high interest by cities and public transport operators in such concepts and related business cases. ELIPTIC is coordinated by the City of Bremen and besides trolley:motion as industry association, other networks of public transport operators (like UITP, VDV and ASSTRA) and of cities (POLIS) play a major role to disseminate ELIPTIC’s project results and organise twinnings and feedback between the showcases and other interested cities, operators and clean public transport industry. For more information about ELIPTIC, please contact Alexandra Scharzenberger or the project manager Wolfgang Backhaus.