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Kaunas [LT] - 85 new trolleys ordered after long tender process

K. Budach - 15.10.18

In early October the local bus operator UAB Kauno Autobusai signed a contract with Solaris for the delivery of 85 new trolleybuses. The deal is valued at EUR 30 million. These Trollino 12 vehicles will feature the manufacturer's distinctive type IV body shell. The single units will have a total capacity for 85 passengers, including 27 seated. The entire delivery process is expected to take 15 months and will enable the withdrawal of older Skoda 14Tr high-floor trolleys. Some of these are almost 25 years old now. Currently, the Kaunas fleet still consists of 92 Skoda 14Tr. These are supplemented by 15 pre-used Berkhof articulated trolleybuses that originally ran in Arnhem, plus 42 Solaris Trollino dating from 2006/2007. In 2017/18 merely 4 of the old Skodas were withdrawn and eventually scrapped in July 2018.

At the Kaunas trolleybus depot, the high-floor Skoda trolleys rub shoulders with the newer Solaris Trollinos. Photo: Dirk Budach

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